Revival Meetings May 2018

Faith Baptist Church Bemidji just finished up an exciting week of Revival Meetings with Evangelist Randy Chovan! Beginning Sunday, May 6, at our morning service and ending on Friday, May 11, we had seven opportunities to feast on the Word of God – and what a feast it was!

The week included many great Biblical truths three highlights are below...

A Contrast and comparison of John 3 and 4:

John 3                                   John 4

Nicodemus                         Woman at the Well

Spiritual                                Unspiritual

Educated                             Uneducated

Moral                                    Immoral

Respected                          Outcast

Understanding Three Truths of Physical and Spiritual Birth

Physical Birth

  1. We are born in our family without any effort of our own.
  2. We had no part in the physical labor that gave us physical life – Mom did it all
  3. We have a specific moment in time when we were born – year, month, day, hour minute and second

Spiritual Birth

  1. We are born into God’s family without any effort of our own – Christ did it all!
  2. We had no part in the labor that gave us eternal life – Christ suffered on the cross for us!
  3. We have a specific moment in time when we are spiritually born by accepting the gift of eternal life – year, month, day, hour minute and second – once for all eternity!

Learning by Christ’s example the four “C” in John 4 that we can all apply to our witnessing opportunities

  1. Communication
    • Jesus spoke to the women
    • We need to share the gospel!
  2. Challenge
    • The woman at the well was challenged by Christ to want more, not just temporal H2O but the living water that will spring up into everlasting life.
    • Our life should lead others to desire to know more about Christ and eternal life.
  3. Conviction
    • The woman desired to have the living water, but she needed to understand that she could not have it because of her condition of being a sinner.
    • The unsaved need to understand that Jesus was not only a man, a Jew, a prophet, but the Messiah – our Savior.
  4. Conversion
    • The women accepted what Jesus said – He is the Messiah – then she went to tell the other people in the village.
    • It is our job to present the truth from scripture that Jesus is the Messiah, that only through Him we can have the Gift of eternal life –Jesus did it all!
These are only 3 of the main points Evangelist Chovan presented to us; all seven messages are available at our Sermons Page. Please download or listen to them so you too can feast on the God’s Word as we have. 
Because of Calvary!


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